Profit Big with These Patriotic Q3 Sourcing Tips

Today is Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, and a reminder to smart sellers that it’s time to finalize a 4th of July product strategy.

After all, Independence Day falls right at the start of Q3, and it can provide a powerful boost to your bottom line to kickoff the quarter. With the right sourcing, of course.

To help you get ready for this first big summer sales day, we’ve put together some Q3 sourcing tips.

Read on for ideas on how to get patriotic with your product strategy so you profit in Q3 like never before.

Stock up on the red, white, and blue

American pride is on full display on July 4th, so you’d better believe flags will be flying off your shelves.

Source American flags in all sizes and forms, from small hand-held stick flags to massive flags for displaying in front yards. Don’t be afraid to splurge on fancier flags with embroidered stars, as some buyers won’t hesitate to celebrate Independence Day in high style.

You should also consider stocking up on American flag banners and buntings, as many businesses will be looking to decorate using these.

Source patriotic party products

In addition to flags, you should source as many patriotic party products as possible. Any typical party products with American flags or in red, white, and blue are potential sellers.

Consider the following list when putting together your Q3 product strategy:

• Tablecloths

• Cups and plates

• Wall decorations

• Lights (string, glow in the dark)

• Patriotic music albums

• Tapestrties

• Inflatable buffet covers

• Photo backdrops

• Cupcake decorating kits

• Napkins

• Bead necklaces

• Goodie bags

• Garden gnomes (yes, garden gnomes)

America-inspired clothing and accessories

All those patriotic partiers will need things to wear, so add clothing and accessories to your Q3 sourcing strategy.

You can list anything red, white, and blue as long as you optimize the SEO in your product description. Consider including keywords in your product description like “patriotic,” “july 4th,” and “american flag” so you appear in those searches.

Here are some lightweight products to think about when planning your July 4th strategy:

• T-shirts

• Tanktops

• Sunglasses

• Shawls

• Hats and caps

• Socks

• Floral crowns

• Lockets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry

Small patriotic toys, gifts, and goodies

Perhaps the most intriguing early Q3 products, especially for FBA sellers, are the smallest ones, like toys, gifts, and other patriotic trinkets.

These items span a wide range of categories, from Toys & Games to Office Products to Home Decor, and have the potential to be high-volume sellers.

Work from the following list when brainstorming ideas:

• Stickers

• Iron-on patches

• Temporary tattoos

• Pens

• Photo props

• Coffee mugs

• Dog collars

• Phone cases

• Toys

Don’t forget about products related to summer

The weather will be hot and sunny come Q3, so make sure you stock up on plenty of summer products ASAP.

For a long list of ideas, check out our detailed post on summer product sourcing.

And in the meantime, here’s a list of ideas for rounding out your July 4th product strategy:

• Grilling equipment

• Summer cookbooks

• Hiking and camping equipment

• Patio furniture

• Pool products

• Sunscreen

• Bathing suits

• Beach towels

• Inflatables

• Boating equipment

We hope this helps you solidify your Q3 sourcing strategy!

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