Like many marketplace sellers, Tom Hou works a full time job while selling on Amazon part time. However, he hopes to transition to selling online full time. “I don’t like working for others. I prefer to work for myself and from home. I currently work full time but I’m hoping to make this [selling on Amazon] my full time job by increasing my inventory,” said Tom. Because of his full time job, Tom currently has 100 listings but has plans to grow. “My goal right now is to reach 1,000 listings by the end of 2014, while still working my day job.”

After selling online for two years, Tom has honed his business to selling DVD’s, electronics, and toys. “I have found that toys and media perform the best for me, especially as FBA. It’s the best option,” said Tom who has been FBA for his entire selling career.

When it came to repricing, Tom had to do some digging to find what worked best for him. “I saw ads on Google for repricing software, and decided to check some discussion groups and forums to see what other sellers had to say about what was out there. Many of the forums were saying that Appeagle was one of the best. After comparing several options, I found Appeagle to be the easiest to use and it had the most reasonable price,” said Tom.

Tom has specific criteria for his listings. “I insist on making at least 100% profit on everything I sell. I only lower my minimum price after two to three months because I can afford to wait. So far this has worked well for me.” The Appeagle tool also affords Tom more flexibility in his hectic schedule. “Because I work full time, I have no time to dedicate to manual repricing, so Appeagle is a huge help in that regard. Since using the software I’ve seen an increase in my sales of about 20%.”