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Amazon Prime Day: The Amazon Prime Report (Infographic)

Amazon Prime Day is on July 12th, 2016 - Will you be ready? In honor of the second annual Amazon Prime Day, we've broken down the latest stats about A...

Repricing Strategies

How to Maximize Your Amazon Min Price

It’s evident how successful Amazon has been in the last few years as the number of third-party sellers on the marketplace continues to flourish. Accor...

Seller Stories

How Appeagle Keeps Ed Kohler’s Sales in the Matrix

What began as a purchase on eBay, continued as an arbitrage hobby turned business for Ed Kohler. Ed is the person behind, Fit The Matrix, an online st...

Seller Stories

Dan Wagner: The David to Amazon's Goliath

Few sellers dare to look directly into the eyes of the animal that is Amazon. But Dan Wagner is the David to Amazon’s Goliath.