Appeagle is excited to announce an enhancement to our search functionality. We will now be leveraging Amazon’s CloudSearch technology, making search capability within Appeagle up to seven times faster than before.

Essentially, a search index is a table of contents of a database that looks up records. Now that Appeagle is using Amazon's CloudSearch technology, the table of contents correlated to our search index is hosted externally on the cloud. When Appeagle customers search for something, we ask the cloud database to look it up and it retrieves the answer in as fast as 0.5 seconds.

In addition to lightning-fast search ability, our new search includes fuzzy matching which allows for prefix matching . For example, if a seller has a six-digit SKU system, he or she can look up all SKUs that begin with the first few digits and filter his or her search that way. Similarly, sellers can take advantage of the existing syntactical search feature. With syntactical search, for queries that may turn up both SKUs and titles, for example, sellers can type in “SKU:” followed by the exact sequence they are searching for and eliminate anything that isn’t a SKU from coming up.

Appeagle search speeds are up to seven times faster than before, with query retrieval in as fast as half a second. And thanks to the increased search speed, our users can expect to enjoy enhanced overall performance throughout the site.