Amazon Super Bowl sales

How to Maximize Your Amazon Super Bowl Sales

Don't assume that Q1 is slow: With the right strategy, you can bulk up your bottom line with Amazon Super Bowl sales. Learn what products are popular Super Bowl sellers and how else to capitalize on the most popular American sporting event.

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by Erik Mathes - January 2, 2017
Amazon Chinese New Year sales Q1

Amazon Chinese New Year: How to Start Q1 Strong

Online sellers in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. may not have Amazon Chinese New Year sales on their holiday radar. But with the 2010 Census reporting that over 3.3 million Chinese-American adults live in the U.S., another 1.5 million Chinese residents in Canada, and 250,000 more in the U.K., these sales can be very significant.

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by Erik Mathes - December 12, 2016
Distributed inventory placement vs Inventory placement service on Amazon

Distributed Inventory Placement vs Inventory Placement Service for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA sellers must pick their poison when it comes to costs: Either use Distributed Inventory Placement when shipping to fulfillment centers and risk having to pay for shipping to up to three destinations, or use Inventory Placement Service and pay a per-unit fee based on weight to ensure that you only have to ship each ASIN to one fulfillment center. Learn more inside.

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by Erik Mathes - November 28, 2016